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XX is good at written translation, also known as manual written translation. Written translation is divided into foreign language-Chinese translation and Chinese-foreign language translation, which are the main way of global economic development, political and cultural exchange. Through the expression of words, written translation enables the exchange of more than a thousand of languages around the world and hundreds of millions of words are translated or re-translated every day. Written translators shoulder the important task of economic and cultural development of all countries and serve as the cultural ambassadors of all countries and peoples in the world.

In recent years, with the continuous strengthening of exchanges between countries, oral interpretation, as a bridge of communication, plays an indispensable role in transnational cultural exchanges, to realize barrier-free communication among all parties using different languages. XX can undertake various oral interpretation services such as accompanying interpretation, conference interpretation, exhibition interpretation, teleconference, simultaneous interpretation, and remote simultaneous interpretation for enterprises or individuals.

XX is extremely strict in the selection of interpreters, who are required to not only have a qualification certificate, but also go through several levels of selection and receive professional training. In the world, the value of oral interpretation is much higher than that of written translation, because oral interpretation is a process of long-term accumulation of knowledge and translation skills. All of XX’s interpreters need participate in regular training and post assessment organized by the company and also an internship stage of simulated interpretation. Only can those who pass the assessment of the internship have the opportunity to sign a long-term employment contract with the company to provide high-quality interpreting services for each customer.

Simultaneous interpretation is applicable to large international conferences, activities in foreign affairs, live broadcast, academic conferences or forums, international projects or technical trainings, international course teaching, and etc.

Simultaneous interpretation is the most difficult translation task and requires the most stringent requirements on interpreters. It requires interpreters to not only have a strong language foundation and relevant professional background, but also have certain 'talents', such as quick reaction, strong memory, clear thinking, and good perception and expression of languages. Meanwhile, they should have so excellent psychological quality that they are not nervous on the spot, able to deal with emergencies in a timely manner, capable of accepting all kinds of challenges, and good at clearly understanding their own shortcomings and considering the overall situation.

XX has signed a cooperative contract with hundreds of simultaneous interpreters in different industries worldwide, all of whom have occupational qualifications for simultaneous interpretation and five years’ experience in simultaneous interpretation on conferences without any bad record, and some of whom hold a certificate from the International Association of Conference Interpreters (Association Internationale des Interpretes DE Conference, AIIC), so as to ensure the quality of interpretation and smooth process of conferences. XX always carefully studies the characteristics of every task and dispatches every simultaneous interpreter to customers only after careful and strict selection. For some highly professional conferences, XX arranges senior simultaneous interpreters who are good at related fields, striving to meet all the expectations of customers!

Meanwhile, XX also undertakes main businesses for shorthand and type-in tasks and the rental of simultaneous transmission equipment.

Shorthand, as its name implies, means fast recording.

As a practical fast-writing technology to record speeches with a special symbol system, shorthand is characterized by high speed and efficiency. Shorthand typists can record other people's speeches or their own thoughts and inspirations with a writing speed more than three times faster than that of Chinese characters. Therefore, shorthand plays an important role in gaining time, making detailed, complete and accurate records, and improving the efficiency and effect of records in many important places and studies.

Shorthand service is mainly provided for meetings and conferences, record sorting, interview scenes, live broad of website texts, TV programs, video courses, subtitles and so on.

Type-in refers to the reasonable arrangement and adjustment of texts, tables, graphics, pictures, and so on, for the purpose of a beautiful visual effect of layouts.

XX adopts the indesign, FIT and other software for fast typesetting, correctly exporting ps/pdf documents according to customer needs, and also provides vertical typesetting like ancient books and double-layer pdf files, for customers to easily copy and display. XX also provides phonetic annotation, typesetting, and export of corresponding publishing documents. With its abundant resources of cooperative printing factories, XX can also assist customers in matching printing factories at a low price.

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. With the outbreak of COVID-19, all walks of life have been impacted heavily around the world. How could XX, as a translation company, meet the demand of global customers for simultaneous interpretation translation during the epidemic?

As a pioneer in the simultaneous interpretation industry, XX has developed remote simultaneous interpretation conference solutions after quickly understanding the needs of the entire interpretation market.

As a result, customers can realize remote participation in conferences in a zero-distance manner via remote simultaneous interpretation, breaking the limitation of space and regardless of national boundaries, ,.

Please consult customer service at 4009985182 for more details on remote simultaneous interpretation. We are ready to provide remote simultaneous interpretation solutions for you at any time

Multimedia post-production is involved in the translation, recording, and post-production from video subtitles and audio dubbing texts to the completion of a final product. This is a professional and complex technical process. XX has complete sets of perfect equipment for multimedia localization, well-trained and experienced professionals and dubbing talents selected from the cloud resource library and domestic leading multimedia services, skillful internal sound and recording engineers, and also years’ experience in multilingual recording and synthesis, to ensure that perfect multi-media post-production projects are created for you. XX’s multimedia post-production projects cover more than 30 industries and more than 50 languages.

Video production: Video production is to generate videos through secondary coding after nonlinear editing of pictures, background music, videos and other materials. In addition, XX can also provide services of adding special effects, special effects of MTV subtitles, text notes and other functions by means of the video production software.

FLASH production: XX can provide professional animation services such as producing FLASH videos, FLASH multimedia works, FLASH promotional videos, FLASH games, and courseware.

XX can provide translation and sealing services of professional certificates and notarization documents in a fast and accurate manner. XX’s special seal for translation has been approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of and the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Government of China, and has been specially approved and filed by the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau (Special Approval No.0074163). It has the legal qualification for translation and the legal effect recognized by national authorities. This special seal can witness the effect of translations made by XX, namely, all documents and information annexed with XX’s special seal for translation are recognized by the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange(CSCSE) under the Ministry of Education, industrial and commercial bureaus at all levels, foreign embassies in Beijing, Chinese embassies and consulates in foreign countries, and Exit and Entry Administration of the public security bureaus, judicial organs, and notarization institutions at various places in China. Therefore, these all documents and information are accepted across the world. Please refer to the following sample for XX’s special seal for translation between Chinese and foreign languages.


Scope of Services for Sealing Translation:

Seal the translations of book of registered permanent residence, business license, quality certification certificates, id cards, bank certificates, documents for oversea study, diplomas, health certificates, letters of admission, academic certificates, letters of power of attorney, resumes, marriage certificates, letters of authorization, house property contracts, birth certificates, income certificates, transcripts, invitation letters, notarization materials, driver's licenses, product certification certificates, immigration materials, and etc.