Customer service team
Customer service team
More than 30 customer service managers of the landing service centers in Beijing...
Project team
Project team
The whole process of translation project is controlled by the translation projec...
Translation team
Translation team
The 921 translation team is composed of more than 30000 native language translat...
Quality control team
Quality control team
More than 50 full-time experts in various languages and fields from the company ...

Quality Advantages

XX has passed the certification of domestic and international standards including GB/T19363.1-2008 and ISO9001 for all translated documents. It always develops project plans and process schedules for all translation and interpretation projects to ensure that each project is supervised with the third-level audit system, four-level management mode, and 16-stage work quality process and satisfies quality and time requirements of customers. In addition, XX ensures uniformity of quality and terms for each translation project.

Three-level Audit


First audit

Expert proofreaders

Second audit

Language expert proofreaders with native language

Third audit

Quality inspection after typesetting

Project workflow

Project Workflow
Project Workflow
Sales and customer service per...
Project Execution
Project Execution
Sales and customer service per...
Quality control
Quality control
The industrial senior translat...
Project Completion:
Project Completion:
The project department conduct...
Project Submission
Project Submission
The sales department submits c...

921 Whole-industry Specialized Corpora and Language-specific Solutions

Interpretation Project Department (for externally dispatching simultaneous and consecutive interpret
Interpretation Project Departm...


Department of Communication & Logistics Projects
Department of Communication & ...


Department of Food, Hotel & Tourism Projects
Department of Food, Hotel & To...
Department of Education, Immigration & Publishing Projects
Department of Education, Immig...
Department of Power, Hydropower & Energy Projects
Department of Power, Hydropowe...
Department of Aviation and Navigation Projects
Department of Aviation and Nav...
Department of IT, Electronics, Culture & Government Projects
Department of IT, Electronics,...
Department of Petroleum & Chemicals Projects
Department of Petroleum & ...
Department of Steel & Metallurgical Projects
Department of Steel & Meta...
Department of Automobile and Construction Machinery Projects
Department of Automobile and C...
Department of Finance and Legal Projects
Department of Finance and Lega...
Department of Medical Treatment, Pharmaceuticals, and Medical Projects
Department of Medical Treatmen...

Confidentiality System

We have passed the certification of ISO27001 Information Security Management System, and implement the strict confidentiality system and perfect confidentiality measures.

At the legal level, all personnel participating in our projects shall enter into a confidentiality agreement with the Company to ensure that they will not disclose or disseminate (including the use of copying and photocopying) any contents of documents, software, files, agreements, technology and service items of customers and other information in any form to any third party.

At the operation level, a project manager shall deal with documents by deleting confidential data, such as company name, technical parameters, contract amount and other sensitive information, before distributing documents to translators. For projects that require special confidentiality, project personnel (including the project manager, translators, proofreaders, typesetters, etc.) may go to the site designated by the customer to implement the project in a closed environment.

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After-sales Service

XX undertakes that we will arrange a special sales manager, a special project manager, a special customer service manager and a special project supervisor for each project, and provide the 24-hour customer service hotline for timely response; your customer manager will provide you detailed communication and solutions; every language translation solution provided to you will have an indefinite quality guarantee; if you find errors in the translation or any contents need to be polished and improved at any time after the completion of a translation project, we will provide you with free revision service as soon as possible until you are satisfied with the translation; according to your request, we can also encrypt and store your translation in our company for future reference and use.

Artificial Intelligent translation CAT - KTrans

As a powerful intelligent comprehensive ERP software product integrating project process management and CAT cloud translation auxiliary software, KTrans was launched after several translation companies and more than a hundred of full-time translators participated in development and experience. It is a new Internet-aided translation product with several formats, which can really understand user needs, improve user efficiency, and reduce user cost. KTrans not only includes the whole-process management and control of translation projects and translation memory functions of traditional CAT software, but also provides users with lexical assistance, reference assistance, input assistance, project management, corpus management and other functions, bringing you unprecedented perfect translation experience.