Milestones in the Development of T.Bond


In 2005, prepared for the company, built the official website and translation platform, and reserved translation resources


In 2006, established the industry-wide pool of translators and interpreters, formulated the SOP quality control system, and successfully integrated online and offline resources


In 2007, formally established T.Bond (China) Translation Service Co., Ltd. in Beijing, with the aim of 'helping you achieve what you want with our professional translation service'. As a professional translation service enterprise, T.Bond boasts its translation resources and service network throughout the world.


In 2008, signed a strategic cooperation intention with the Organizing Committee of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to provide all-round interpretation, translation and simultaneous interpretation services for the Beijing Olympic Games


In 2009, signed long-term strategic cooperation agreements with Jingdong, Amazon, Dangdang and other well-known e-commerce service platforms, and became the language service provider of domestic Internet e-commerce giants


In 2010, put the translation management software T.TMS online and into use, independently developed by XX, realizing paperless office and high-efficiency process;

In 2010, obtained the qualification for a member of the Board of Directors of Translators Association of China (TAC), and joined ATA (American Translators Association), conducting its market planning and global layout;


In 2011, signed promotion and advertisement contracts with Baidu Search, 360 Search, Sogou Search,, and etc., for advertising frame packages with a total amount of more than RMB 5 million Yuan, entering its period of rapid business development;


In 2012, financed RMB 8.5 million yuan and established a cloud translation processing center and a quality control center in Tongzhou, Beijing, and fully used the translation assistance software, TRADOS so that the error rate of common translation reached the level of text publishing;


In 2013, took the lead to become the internship base of the Communication University of China and Beijing International Studies University (BISU);


In 2014, formally established Beijing AT Medical Information Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary specializing in the translation business of medical and pharmaceutical fields;


In 2015, successfully passed the certification of the ISO9001 quality management system issued by the Certification Center of China Federation of Logistics Certification Center (CFLC), so that XX’s translation quality is guaranteed by international standardization and strategic layout has also made considerable progress;


In 2016, responded to the Belt and Road Initiative for international economic development and cooperation issued by President Xi Jinping, striving to serve as an important bridge for cultural exchanges, economic construction, and trade relations between China and foreign countries in the grand blueprint of the Belt and Road;


In 2017, successfully passed the certification of the ISO9001 quality management system for medical and pharmaceutical translation, so that Beijing AT Medical Information Technology Co., Ltd. has rapidly grew into a leading provider of professional translation solutions in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals in China;


In 2018, the Group and its subsidiary introduced and fully implemented the KTrans ERP system, realizing cost reduction and efficiency improvement, and further improving the service level and comprehensive quality;


In 2019, adjusted and upgraded the industrial chain, optimized the enterprise resources, and established a translation cloud processing data center, to further enhance its comprehensive competitiveness and industrial iteration ability.


The group has established landing service centers in 16 cities across the country, set up 5g intelligent translation service network covering the whole country, and set up overseas branches in New York, USA and Toronto, Canada, focusing on developing overseas translation market