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Precise manual translation

Pure manual translation, defying all AI translation results


Ultra-low error rates, meeting publication standards

Timely and efficient

Translation throughput of 2 million words/ day

Cost savings

10-20% translation cost savings compared with the average market price



Written translation solutions
Written translation solutions
XX is good at written translation, also known as manual written translation. Written translation is ...
Oral Interpretation Solutions
Oral Interpretation Solutions
In recent years, with the continuous strengthening of exchanges between countries, oral interpretati...
Simultaneous Interpretation Solutions for Conferen
Simultaneous Interpretation So...
Simultaneous interpretation is applicable to large international conferences, activities in foreign ...
Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Solutions
Remote Simultaneous Interpreta...
2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. With the outbreak of COVID-19, all walks of life have ...
Multimedia Translation Solutions
Multimedia Translation Solutio...
Multimedia post-production is involved in the translation, recording, and post-production from video...
Translation Sealing and Notarization
Translation Sealing and Notari...
XX can provide translation and sealing services of professional certificates and notarization docume...


Capital Commercial Real Estate Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Beijing Huachenyuanyang International Trade Co., Ltd.
Beijing Xinhongru Century Network Technology Co., Ltd.
Embassy of Latvia in China
North China University of Technology
Beijing Municipal Eleventh School
North China University of Technology
China Southern Power Grid Corporation
Shandong Luneng
China Cosco Logistics Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Worldwide Logistics (Group) Co., Ltd.
Shandong Sunfull Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd.
Petronas Lubricants International (PLI) Trading (China) Co., Ltd.
Transfar Group Co., Ltd.
Beijing Yilong Hengye Petroleum Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.
Zhongheng Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd.
Metallurgical Corporation of China Ltd. (MCC)
Tianjin Metallurgical First Rolling Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd.
Laigang Group,
Handan Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd.
Citic Travel Corporation
China Comfort Travel Service Co., Ltd.
Joyvio Group Ltd.
Beijing Xietong Innovative Food Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Palace Garden Hotel Management Co., Ltd.
Beijing Jing Guang Center Co.,Ltd. Rosewood Beijing
CAAC Academy of Science and Technology
SITC International Holdings Co., Ltd.
Beijing Office, Mega Global Air Service (Maldives) Private Ltd.
Shanghai Jinjiang Shipping (Group)Co.,Ltd.
Beijing Office, Korean Air
Beijing Aerospace Petrochemical Technology Equipment Engineering Corporation (BAPC)
China Nuclear Industry 23 Construction Co., Ltd.
China Fashion Association (CFA)
Antwerp World Diamond Centre
Cofco Group Co., Ltd.
China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec)
China National Aviation Fuel Supply Co., Ltd.
Wuchan Zhongda Group
Hailiang Group Co., Ltd.
Chinasoft International (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Zhongqi Power Technology Co., Ltd.
Sinobo Group Co., Ltd.
China Railway 16th Bureau Group Co., Ltd.
China Quality Certification Center (CQC)
China Illuminating Engineering Society (CIES)
China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation



ISO9001 quality certification
ISO9001 quality certification
American Association of translators certificate
American Association of translators cert...
Enterprise credit rating certificate
Enterprise credit rating certificate
Integrity unit of China Translation Association
Integrity unit of China Translation Asso...
Certificate of Chinese governing unit
Certificate of Chinese governing unit
ISO27001 information security
ISO27001 information security